Accountant in North Hollywood, CA

Tax Preparation & Small Business Services in North Hollywood, CA

Accountant in North Hollywood, California

Looking for an accountant in North Hollywood, CA? At Benchmark Tax Solutions we specialize in tax preparation tax preparation and accounting of all kinds. A goal of ours is to help our clients improve their financiel situation in any way possible. 

Our accountants in North Hollywood, CA are highly experienced with all aspects of accounting. Make sure you do your taxes right so you don’t end up owing the IRS money.

Experienced Accountant In North Hollywood At Benchmark Tax Solutions

Accounting Services

  • Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • State ID Number
  • Statements of Information
  • Trademark Filing & Registration with USPTSO
  • Tax Form 1099’s Preparation
  • Tax Form 1065 Partnership Tax Preparation
  • Tax Form 1120 Corporation Preparation
  • Tax Form 1120S S-Corp Preparation
  • Offer in Compromise 
  • Extensions & Late Filing
  • Federal Tax Returns
  • Business Startup/Maintenance
  • Local Tax Returns
  • LLC Business Registration/Filing 
  • DBA Registration/Filing 
  • Corporation Registration/Filing 
  • Sellers Permits
  • Tobacco Sellers Permit
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • Prior Year Tax Returns
  • Payment Processing Service
  • State Tax Returns
  • Year-Round Services
  • Notary Public Services 
  • E-File Status Checking
  • Electronic Tax Filing
  • Tax Debt Relief 

Whether you’re a Los Angeles business startup that needs a merchant account with a credit card reader, or an expanding business and need tools to manage your operations, Benchmark Tax Solutions we can help.


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